Simple hand care is essential to germ prevention and elimination, and hand care begins with washing your hands! Providers of public bathrooms have a responsibility to provide adequate hand care products and it starts with soap and soap dispensers.

We offer touch-free, manual and counter-mount dispensing options. Whether you need to dispense soaps, sanitisers, hand cleaners or wipes, you’ll find an option in our catalog that fits your needs.

Pragati Wall-mounting Foot-Operated Hand Sanitizer & Soap Dispenser Stand

Paddle command (foot-based operation) for a no-contact process of dispensation. No-contact action ensures minimum chances of contamination and thus, maximum safety

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Netboon Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Touchless Foot Operated Portable Stand

Ideal for high traffic locations such as factories, hotels, restaurants, schools, metro & rail stations, airports, collages, hospitals, kitchens, government and private offices, etc

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Jivasha Pedal Brushed Steel Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

It works with reverse gravitational force, pushing the Pedal down lifts the bottle up against the gravity to the dispense the sanitizer.
Top notch Stainless steel polished & finished for an elegant look

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