O-A Polycarbonate Lens Personal Protective Equipment Safety Glasses (Clear, 2 Packs)

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About this item

  • The strong and durable No optical distortion.The clear (un-tinted) lenses let you see everything with zero distortion, are anti fog and scratch resistant. Make sure to clean and store your safety glasses properly to keep them in tip-top condition – we’ve sneaked som
  • Humanized design Ventilation frame. Large ventilated flank for good ventilation and more comfortable wear.Comfortable nose pads. User-friendly design, suitable for all types of people to wear, stable and comfortable.Soft tips eliminate pressure behind the ears and the extendable arms adjust for small and larger head sizes – fitting men, women and youth. Can also be worn as normal large sized safety glasses
  • Super protective safety glasses To protect the health of you and your family Anti-Fog and Reusable Safety Goggles — Anti-fog coating offers superior performance in extreme conditions and will withstand repeated cleaning. Designed to protect your eyes from high impact objects
  • Widely used it is used for high-speed particle impact and liquid splash damage protection for woodworking protection, laboratories, factories, construction sites, daily entertainment and other places where eye protection is required.Lightweight, it provides eye protection for visitors and can be used with myopia glasses
  • Service warranty: Soft and Comfortable — Soft, elastomer body flexes and conforms to the face for a secure, comfortable, gap-free fit; Pivoting, quick-adjust neoprene headband provides easy adjustment for a comfortable fit


How do face shields protect you

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