Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been following the new norms including social distancing and wearing face masks every time they step out in public. With the news of the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out, people are now expecting that they can completely get rid of the compulsory norms once they get vaccinated. So, the primary question that needs to be addressed is that about the role of face masks in a post vaccinated world.

It is becoming apparent that we cannot stop wearing masks in the near future as cases across the world are still rising and the new COVID-19 strains are being detected. As reported by Forbes, wearing a face mask continues to be essential as colder temperatures force us back inside in closer proximity to others.

There are numerous other reasons why wearing a mask is a prerequisite even after you have got the Covid 19 vaccine shots. The most important of those reasons are listed below:

No vaccine is 100% effective

The vaccine may not be fully efficient in the first shot. You will have to wait for the double shot of the COVID-19 vaccine to get protected. A Business Insider report reports that the Pfizer vaccine is only 52 percent at avoiding the deadly COVID-19 after the initial dose. The subsequent shot which can be dispensed after three weeks will bring the effectiveness up to 95 percent.

Meanwhile, the reported efficacy of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine was 70.4 2 percent and here to the full immune advantage can be expected only after the second shot.

Vaccines don’t provide immediate protection

It goes without saying that it is going to take a long while for everyone to get vaccinated. World governments have prioritized healthcare workers and those who are directly connected with the health industry to get vaccinated first. Post this the general public will have to wait their turn with age wise prioritization. You don’t know yet who has or hasn’t been vaccinated and as long as there is clarity on this the risk of getting infected remains.

Areas with high COVID-19 clusters might get their vaccine shot on a higher priority. And there are a lot of people are still sceptical if they want to get vaccinated or not. As stated earlier, you need to get two shots of the vaccine to get immunized, and it will be quitechallenging to judge who is where in their inoculation schedule, and it will be tough to get an idea how well shielded they are, as per Forbes.

Covid vaccines may not totally stop you from spreading the virus

Vaccination efficacy is another question. A case was reported in the USA where a nurse tested positive for the virus soon after taking the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine, as per Business Line. Health authorities are of the opinion that the vaccine takes up to two weeks to build antibodies.

What is the period of vaccine protection? This is a question that researchers are still pondering about and the truth is that we don’t have enough data on asyet. Vaccines are rolling out one after the other and a few more variants are on the way. As time goes by it is going to become more difficult to get accurate data about its effectiveness and if it will protect us for the long-term.

Re-infections are a cause of concern. There have been many instances reported that it is probable for people to get re-infected, says Forbes.

Face Masks are unique as they protect against any strain of the coronavirus, in spite of genetic mutations

The United Kingdom and South African strains of this virus are a serious cause of concern. These variants of the virus are spreading faster than the parent strain. Many parts of the world are going back into lockdowns as the positive cases and related deaths are on the rise. The only good news in this scenario is that masks can protect you against any strain of the virus.

Need another justification to wear the mask? Well, it will take quite a few months or even years to get back to normality and to get rid of those masks.

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