Face mask style is now a thing. Why should you let the virus curb your creativity and style? With knitted masks, you will be able to express yourself despite the current situation. Check out our full selection of knitted face masks and see which one speaks to you!

It may be recommended that the general public wear face masks where there is community transmission and it is difficult to maintain physical distancing. It is important that you keep up to date with the recommendations and directions that apply nationally, and in your state or territory, and ensure that these are followed at your workplace. You should always follow the instructions for use and storage of face masks. Disposable face masks should only be used once and then disposed of appropriately.

There are many different types of masks, including regular masks, N95, KN95, branded masks, knitted masks, masks for kids, and even masks with bluetooth earphones. Be sure to check out our full range to choose the suitable mask for you.

Aerosport Knitted
Anti-Pollution Masks

100% Polyester Knitted Fabric with Interlining…

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Carbon Basics Mask
Cotton Knitted

Ergonomically designed -Ear loop & safety border…

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How do face shields protect you

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